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Get a licence

Get a licence

How can I get a licence to drill a bore?

Everyone needs a licence to drill a bore regardless of what the bore will be used for.  This licence is called a Works Licence.

For the current application forms and fees please visit our main website here

Apply for a works licence

Once you submit an application we will process your application and issue a licence within 14 days.

How can I get a licence to use groundwater?

If you are planning to use groundwater for a commercial purpose you need to have a licence.

The cost to apply for a licence will depend on the volume of groundwater you want to use.

Apply for a new ‘take and use’ licence

To apply for a licence to take and use groundwater visit our main website and complete the Application for a licence to take and use groundwater and to operate works (PDF). In most areas new groundwater entitlements are not available so you should contact us first.

Apply for a temporary or permanent trade

In most areas new groundwater entitlements are not available so individuals and businesses looking to expand or start new enterprises need to trade.  Groundwater can be traded permanently, or on a temporary basis.  Entitlements can be traded temporarily for up to 5 years depending on your area.

Can I get a copy of my licence?

You can get a copy of your licence by either requesting a copy online from the Victorian Water Register or by visting our main website and completing the Application to get a copy of your licence (PDF) and returning it to Southern Rural Water.  A small administration fee applies.

Important:To complete the application form you will need to know your licence number.  If you do not have this information please contact us.

Do you have another licensing enquiry?

For all other matters such as surrendering, renewing or amalgamating your licence(s), decommissioning a bore or need to apply to dispose of matter through means of a bore please visit our main Southern Rural Water site.

You can also chat to us live here, or contact us.

Page last updated6th June 2016
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