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How can I access groundwater?

How can I access groundwater?

Groundwater is commonly accessed via a bore or well. A bore is a vertical pipe drilled into the ground with an underground opening for groundwater to flow into. A well is a vertical shaft dug into the ground. You need a licence to drill a bore and in most cases you also need a licence to use groundwater.

When do I need a licence?

If you want to drill a bore you must have a ‘works licence’ and your bore must be drilled by a licensed driller to ensure it complies with regulations.

Once you have access to groundwater via a bore you can use the groundwater for D&S purposes without a licence. To use groundwater for any other purpose you must have a ‘take and use licence’.

In areas where no new groundwater entitlements are available (ie where allocation is fully capped) your only option is to trade from an existing licence holder (ie purchase their entitlement).

How can I find groundwater?

There are a number of ways you can find out if there might be groundwater on your property:

Apply for a licence

To find out more or to apply for a licence vist our Get a licence page or contact us.

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