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Links & resources

Links & resources

SRW Groundwater Atlases

The Groundwater Atlases are stand-alone documents that you can download and print (note if printing: these are A3 landscape size).

This website was developed using content from the Groundwater Atlases.  The atlases may provide more specific detail on some topics.

Water Measurement Information System (WMIS)

The Water Measurement Information System from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is a state-wide depository you can use to search, discover, access and download groundwater monitoring data collected by DELWP and its partners.

Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater

This site is recommended for academics or technical water professionals.

Visualising Victoria’s Groundwater provides a mapping tool that allows you to view and download a wide range of groundwater, bore and geological information.  Some of the information can be seen in 3D.

New users will find the user guide and FAQ section helpful.

Groundwater Resource Reports

This site is useful for individuals looking to use groundwater.

The Groundwater Resource Report is a mapping tool developed by the State Government. It provides a report at a selected location that shows the aquifers present, the likely depth to water and salinity as well as information about relevant management boundaries and caps.

The Australian Groundwater Explorer

Through the Australian Groundwater Explorer you can view groundwater data and information from around the country and you can download datasets.

National Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

This site is recommended for academics or technical water professionals.

The National Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems maps the current understanding of where groundwater may interact with our surfacewater environments.

Environment Protection Authority

The ‘Land and groundwater’ section on the Environment Protection Authority website has some useful information relating to land and groundwater legislation, contaminated site management, groundwater pollution and planning advice.

Other agencies

The VicWater website provides a useful too where you can find the local water business in your area.  It also let you know the local Catchment Management Authority.

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