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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Southern Rural Water (SRW) is a Victorian Government Rural Water Corporation.

SRW values and protects the personal information it collects from customers.

We only collect information necessary to conduct our business or provide a service. Information such as a customer name, address or phone number is not released outside SRW without consent unless reasonably required for related public business such as council rate processes or requested by lawful orders. Any person is able to gain access to their own information and correct if wrong.

Managing water is our State public duty. In this regard, SRW has a transparent and open approach to the release of water resource data (such as usage types, waterway, area and volume details) and in this regard we will not disclose personal information.

SRW will comply with Water Act and privacy laws.

Privacy complaints

If you have a question or wish to make a complaint, address your concerns in writing to the SRW Privacy Officer at PO Box 153 Maffra VIC 3860 or by phone to 1300 139 510.

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