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Region maps & facts

Region maps & facts

Farming land in the Bacchus Marsh valley

This section has been designed to help you explore the groundwater resources of Southern Victoria in more detail.

We apologise that the interactive maps are not currently working (11 Feb 2020). There is a technical issue with the interactive layers. We are working to resolve the issue and will keep you posted.

All other features on the site are working. In the meantime, an alternative source of Victorian groundwater interactive maps can be found at 

Please contact SRW on 1300 319 510 if you require licence or other groundwater related mapping data. 

When the technical issues are resolved, the interactive maps of the whole region and its sub regions – Gippsland, Port Phillip & Westernport and the South West - will allow you to explore where the upper, middle and lower aquifers are, where the licences are and what rules apply to groundwater use.  You will also be able to get an indication of the expected salinity or yield and get help finding out whether you can get a licence, or how to trade groundwater.  The information displayed on the maps is supported by additional written information.  You can find links underneath each of the maps.


To use the maps simply open the data layer menus (located in the dropw down menus at the top of the map) and select the layers you are interested in viewing. Once you have selected your layers please close the menu to navigate around the map.  You can change the data layers shown whenever you like.

Once the data is displayed you can zoom in and out and move around the region as you please.  You can click on data points and shapes to see additional information.


Under each map you will find links to pages about:

  • Groundwater use
  • Groundwater and the environment
  • Groundwater levels
  • Salinity & yield of aquifers
  • Aquifer geology
Page last updated11th February 2020
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