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Salinity and yield of groundwater in Port Phillip & Western Port

Salinity and yield of groundwater in Port Phillip & Western Port

Where salinity is low and yield is high groundwater use is well established. The most reliable areas of good quality, high yielding groundwater in the region are found around Koo Wee Rup and on the Nepean Peninsula. Other reliable areas can be found across the region, generally within Groundwater Management Unit boundaries. 

How much fresh water is stored in aquifers across the region?

Fresh water = salinity less than 1,000 mg/L

It is estimated that a total of 3,660 GL of fresh water is stored across the region: 660 GL in the upper aquifer, 1,000 GL in the middle aquifers and 2,000 GL in the lower aquifers. Estimates of fresh water stored in the basement are not available.

What is the quality and yield like in local areas?

Salinity (quality) and yield vary greatly across the region. They depend on where you are and which aquifer group you are using. To get an accurate indication of the quality and yield you can expect on your property you need to drill a bore and have the water tested. 

To view this information on a map visit the Port Phillip & Western Port region map or you can download or print a summary of the likely salinity and yield of groundwater near your property on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website

Salinity and yield by local area

Aquifer group GMU or area Salinity Yield
Upper Merrimu GMU Good Moderate
  Deutgam GMU Good Good
  Lancefield GMU Very good Moderate
  Nepean GMU Very good Very good
  West of Melbourne (non GMU area) Very poor Good
  North of Melbourne (non GMU area) Moderate Poor
  East of Melbourne (non GMU area) Moderate Poor
  South-East of Melbourne (non GMU area) Moderate Good
Middle Frankston GMU Good Moderate
  Koo Wee Rup GMU Good Very good
  Moorabbin GMU Good Moderate
  Western Plains (west of Melbourne) Poor Poor
Lower Wandin Yallock GMU Very good Moderate
  Corinella GMU Moderate Good
  Cut Paw Paw (GMU) Poor Very good
  Parwan (below Merrimu GMU) Good Good
  The Highlands (non GMU) Good Poor
  Mornington Peninsula (below Nepean GMU) Moderate Good
  South-East of Melbourne (non GMU) Moderate Good
  West of Melbourne (non GMU) Poor Good

This table shows a summary of the likely salinity and yield in different areas and aquifer groups.

Learn the basics

For background information on salinity visit our What is groundwater salinity page.

For background information on yield visit our What is groundwater yield page.

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